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How we made a B2B product also stick with a B2C audience targeted SMS

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Artex have over 80 years of experience providing high-quality decorative finishes, building materials and specialist tools. They’ve become a leading distributor for a wide range of construction products across market-leading trade brands.

The Challenge

Artex identified the need for a brand new range of high performance joint tapes for plastering and drylining, which would highlight the main USPs of strength and durability of the range. 

Other rival adhesive tapes on the market had several issues raised by users, such as unreliable adhesion in cold or humid environments, and increased chance of bubbles or blistering occurring during use.

The new Gyproc FibaTape range addressed many issues, including: 

• Extreme – High adhesion in cold or hot environments 

• Perfect Finish – Extra thin tape for ceilings and repairs 

• Mold-X – Designed to provide mould resistance 

• Classic – Improved all-round performance, compared to standard tapes on the market 

We were challenged to create noise about the innovative range of adhesive tapes, in a memorable way, not seen before from Artex.

So what better way to convey the strength and versatility of Gyproc FibaTape, than with a series of ads that playfully reflected the benefits of the adhesive tape range in a variety of extreme situations.

The models were briefed, taped up (some liked it a bit too much), and posed into various situations to bring the benefits of the product to life in a dramatic, impactful way.

The new range of adhesive tapes attracted many respected customers including B&Q, national decorator centres and a number of popular trade outlets. 

The ROI has been fantastic, capturing the imagination of the audience and leaving a long lasting impression.





Direct Mail

The Results

  • 110% sales against significant stretch target
  • Targeted SMS to over 100,000 end users
  • Quickest uptake on a new product in leading DIY store
  • 145% Increase in Twitter followers over the campaign period